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Members and visitors may choose to sign up for email notifications for event publicity, organization announcements, newsletter delivery, and/or volunteer opportunities. Our email service provider always includes an unsubscribe link for those recipients who no longer wish to be included.

Email addresses will also be necessary for online purchases of event tickets and merchandise to confirm purchases; these may in future be added to our email list. If at any time you are unable to use the unsubscribe link, please email or and we will process your unsubscribe request manually.

Updating Personal Information and Addresses

Please help LCTOS, Inc. keep your address email, and phone number accurate by updating us on any changes in a timely manner; including both the old and new info is greatly appreciated. Notice may be given via,, or by US Mail at PO Box 177, Lafayette, IN 47902. Individuals who receive event notifications from our email service provider may be able to change their email address directly in their subscriber profile.

Financial Information

Online box office or retail services which LCTOS uses may require information such as a name, billing address, shipping address, phone numbers, emails, and credit card numbers to process transactions. Credit card information will not be stored on our web server, but basic demographic information may be retained for our records and will never be shared with or sold to third parties.


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Disclaimer of Endorsement

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