Mighty Wurlitzer Opus 1824

Mighty Wurlitzer: Memory of a Lifetime

Every so often someone shares with us just how much the sound of the Mighty Wurlitzer means to them. Take a look at a wonderful letter we recently received:

October 2017


Two years ago I attended a conference at Purdue University. My dad, Jack Byers, had attended there for 1 1/2 years before getting called to serve in WWII. He returned in 1946 to finish his degree in Engineering. He want on to work as a design engineer for Pontiac Division of GM and retired after 33 years.

Growing up, he loved theatre organs and took us many times to Detroit TOS for concerts as well as live accompaniment to silent films. He studied organs and helped repair a few when he could. He used this knowledge to eventually buy and install a pipe organ in his church in Clarkston, MI (Methodist Church).

At the Purdue conference in May 2015 I skipped a late session and took a slightly different route back to my hotel. I passed a truck on the street and noted that it said, “Organ Repair.” A few feet later I stopped and took a second look, then looked up at the building it was parked in front of. “No kidding,” I thought to myself. “I wonder if this repair man is working on a theatre organ?” So I took a chance and pulled on the door handle and to my amazement, it was open! So I came inside and was greeted in the lobby by a young gentleman who was kind enough to start showing me around. He offered to start up the organ (if the repair man was finished) and after several minutes of warm-up, I heard the glorious sounds that I knew so well. This was where my dad stood so many years ago, and I felt his smile from heaven. Thank you for the thrill and a memory of a lifetime.

Rebecca K.
Holt, MI


If the Mighty Wurlitzer has thrilled you also, or if you have a story to share about the Mighty Wurlitzer of Long Center, we’d love to hear it! Share here in the comments or drop us an email at events@lctos.org.


Ken Double at the console of the Mighty Wurlitzer, Long Center.

Ken Double, President, LCTOS.

We at the Long Center Theatre Organ Society approach the final days of a most eventful 2017 with great anticipation for the New Year. Successful shows; significant upgrades to the Wurlitzer; and the foundation for funding long-term find us almost giddy with anticipation.

For our friends, patrons, and event attendees, our thanks to you, as always. We look forward to seeing you at our next event, January 26th and Buster Keaton’s hilarious silent film comedy Steamboat Bill, Jr.

And one final pitch. It’s interesting to note that statisticians who track such things tell us that more than 10% of charitable giving happens in the last three days of the year.

That’s a not-so-gentle reminder to please think of us at the LCTOS if you have any thoughts of financial support. There might be tax advantages for donors.

And more importantly, if a donation is earmarked for LCTOS via the Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette, the LaNelle Geddes Matching Grant program could boost your gift by 50%! This is a great opportunity for donors and LCTOS alike.

I will see you January 26th, and again in June for our 36th annual variety show. Meanwhile, to all of you, I hope you and your families and friends have a joyous holiday season, a wonderful New Year’s celebration, and that 2018 is the best ever for all!

Ken Double