LCTOS Qualifies For CFGL’s Geddes Campaign — A 50% Match

In January 2017, LCTOS established The Mighty Wurlitzer of Long Center Endowment Fund to provide for the long-range future of the great pipe organ under the management of the Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette. This partnership has now created the most exciting opportunity our organization has ever enjoyed: LCTOS is a qualified recipient of matching dollars from CFGL’s LaNelle Geddes Fund Campaign.  

New, individual donations of cash or securities made through CFGL on or after November 28, 2017 through August 1, 2018 — or until the Geddes Campaign monies are depleted — will be matched by 50%. For example, a $100 gift eligible for a Geddes Fund 50% match nets The Mighty Wurlitzer Fund $150. A  gift of $1,000 nets $1,500; a gift of $10,000 nets $15,000.

If you are among those who can take advantage of donations to nonprofit organizations for your tax benefit, there is no better time to assist The Mighty Wurlitzer Fund. The opportunity to prepare for concerts and silent films; theatre organ presentations at Long Center events; and guarantee the future of this unique instrument for another 40 years of music-making, is now! Contributors can jump-start the organization on its way to the short-term $50,000 mark, and the long-term $250,000 goal.

There are restrictions on the manner of contribution: Gifts should be payable directly to The Community Foundation (100 Main St. Ste 100, Lafayette, IN  47901) and earmarked for the Mighty Wurlitzer Fund.

For more info or questions about the Mighty Wurlitzer Fund, contact Jay Mermoud or Amy Brinkley at They will happily answer your questions on gifts, eligibility, and our plans looking forward.                    

About The Mighty Wurlitzer of Long Center Endowment Fund

  • Established January 2017.
  • Fund balance currently stands at $10,000.
  • Short-term goal: $50,000 by January 1, 2019.  
  • Five-year goal: $250,000 in 2022 (the 40th anniversary of the installation of the Mighty Wurlitzer).

Same Great Sound, Brand New Look

Voila — our new logo! And new website! But don’t worry, the Mighty Wurlitzer is its usual sweet and powerful self. With lots of other exciting changes ongoing at LCTOS, we thought it was time to update, so we engaged Michael Panich of Boulder Design Studio to create the new look and to build the new website. Our first change since 1987 when LCTOS was formed (thirty years ago!), the new look is lean, clean, and distinctively identifies our organization.

The world is literally at the fingertips of people today, as so much information is presented on the web and social media; the old site didn’t allow us to share nearly as much as we want and need to with LCTOS members, Greater Lafayette, and theatre organ enthusiasts everywhere. Thus, the new website makes time-sensitive news, events notices, and info about the Wurlitzer more easily accessible, and is far easier to update and maintain. It also “marries” digitally to Facebook and other social media, and offers audiences and supporters simple and direct ways to access online ticket sales, membership renewals, and CD sales, if they prefer online options.

And it is VERY good that your 90-year-old Mighty Wurlitzer presents a fresh, up-to-date online face in 2017 with a sparkling new website and logo, and instant access for all those folks who participate in the digital world.

So, whether you’re a long-time friend or a new one, make yourself at home! Learn more about the life of Mighty Wurlitzer Opus 1824 (even hear it play); read the history of theatre pipe organs at the Mars/Long Center; check out this season’s upcoming performances on the Events page. You’re welcome here, and we hope to see you at soon at an LCTOS event for the full Mighty Wurlitzer experience.