The Long Center Theatre Organ Society (LCTOS) is the stewardship organization for the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ of the Long Center in Lafayette, Indiana. We are dedicated to conserving our community treasure which is recognized as a national historic instrument. We actively strive to promote theatre pipe organ music, theater organ instruments, live performances by local, regional, and national artists, and all theater organ performances in the North-Central and Central Indiana areas.

LCTOS was incorporated in Indiana on July 31, 1987 as a non-profit organization under IRS guidelines 501(c)3. Our members include organists, theatre organ aficionados, and the concert-going public of all age groups and music backgrounds. Our goal is to constantly introduce our ever-changing local community to all of the theatre organ genres by presenting theatre organ concerts, silent film programs and educational seminars for the general public. LCTOS wants to encourage musicians of all ages to become familiar with theatre organs and consider becoming theatre organists.

Members can stay in tune with our organization by reading our newsletter, [PDF] Vox Wurlitzer Spring 2012. In addition, LCTOS promotes CIC-ATOS and ATOS organization activities and strives to keep our community informed about the Theatre Organ.

Would you like to help at an upcoming concert?

Each LCTOS concert requires several volunteers to make it happen. We need ushers, ticket takers, and people to help at the sales table as well as the refreshment table. Usually requiring only an extra hour of your time and as an added bonus, you also get to enjoy the concert! If you are interested in helping the LCTOS as a volunteer, please contact John Wellman.

Want more information about the Long Center Theatre Organ Society?

Long Center Theatre Organ Society
P. O. Box 177
Lafayette, IN 47902-0177

Or by email at: contact@lctos.org