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…But what is a theatre pipe organ?

Like pipe organs you’ve encountered at church or recitals, theatre organs push pressurized air through pipes to produce woodwind- and string-like tones. But theatre organs are uniquely American, developed to mimic orchestral instruments and to accompany early twentieth century silent films. They enable a skillful organist to enhance and punctuate a film’s action, and to realize musical arrangements spanning the classical and popular genres – so they have extra features (percussion, sound effects, special tonal characteristics) that maximize their versatility and give them a very distinctive sound.

More than 10,000 instruments were installed by the end of the silent film era: Today, only about 600 still exist. One of those survivors is right here in Lafayette, Indiana.

If you are new to theatre organs or to Lafayette’s own Mighty Wurlitzer, please explore Wurlitzer Opus 1824 . If you have questions you don’t see answered, email us! We love to share Opus 1824, and hope you can visit in person at our next event.